Drahtseil, Stahldrahtseil, rostfreies Drahtseil, unverzinktes Stahlseil

Produktbeschreibung Product Name: Ungalvanized Steel RopeSpecifications:1) Min. tensile strength: 1,570MPa, 1,670MPa, 1,770MPa, 1,870MPa2) Diameter range: 1.2 - 39.0mm3) Applications: m

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Product Name: Ungalvanized Steel Rope

1) Min. tensile strength: 1,570MPa, 1,670MPa, 1,770MPa, 1,870MPa
2) Diameter range: 1.2 - 39.0mm
3) Applications: mining, loading, forestry and marine industries

Packing: wooden pallets, Kraft paper

Product Description

Product Detail

Steel Grade(Sha steel)
carbon steel
Diamateras your requests
Place of OriginJiangsu,China(Mainland)
Alloy or not alloy
Payment & Shipping Terms
PortShanghai or Nantong Port
Packaging Detailsstrong plywood and reel packing,or as your order
Delivery TimeWithin 40 days
Payment TermsL/C,T/T
Supply Ability1500 tons per month
Minimum Order Quantity2000m
Detailed product description
Surface galvanized

Tensile strength

OEM or notallowed

Raw Material Chemical Composition

Steel Grade

Silicon(%)Manganese(%)Phosphorus(%)Sulphur (%)Chromium(%)Nickel(%)Cuprum(%)
72A 72B0.720.190.710.0130.0060.020.020.03

82A 82B0.820.24-0.250.76-0.770.011-0.0140.004-0.0070.17-0.17

Application recommendation for steel wire rope

for aerospace controlswire rope6x7, 6x19

for elevator lifting

wire rope
6x19S, 8x19S,9x19s,8x25Fi,6x36SW
vertical well hoisting purposeslinear contact lay wire rope6x19S, 6x19W, 6x25Fi, 6x26WS, 6x31WS, 6x36WS, 6x41WS
multi-strand rope18x7, 17x7
blanced wire to wellflat ropes6x4x7, 8x4x7, 8x4x9, 8x4x19
wire rope6x37, 6x37S, 6x36WS
multi-strand rope17x7, 18x7, 34x7, 36x7
for winch purposeswire rope6x7, 6x9W
bearing to tank and cablewayfull-lock coil ropessee the standards of facial contacted wire rope
multi-strand rope18x7, 17x7
wire rope6x7
hoisting to slopelinear contact lay wire rope6x36WS, 6x37S, 6x41WS, 6x49SWS,6x55WS
for petroleum drilling purposeslinear contact lay wire rope6x19S, 6x19W, 6x25Fi, 6x29Fi, 6x26WS, 6x31WS, 6x36WS
rubber belt conveyer, cablewaylinear contact lay wire rope6x19S, 6x19W, 6x25Fi, 6x29Fi, 6x26WS, 6x31WS, 6x36WS, 6x41WS
fishing industrywire rope6x24, 6x24S, 6x24W, 6x19, 6x19S/W, 6x31WS, 6x36WS, 6x37, 6x37S
lashingwire rope6x24, 6x24S, 6x24W
for crane purposelinear contact lay wire rope6x19S+IWR, 6x19W+IWR, 6x25Fi+IWR, 6x36WS+IWR, 6x41WS+IWR
multi-strand rope18x19, 18x19S, 18x19W, 34x7, 36x7
linear contact lay wire rope6x19W/S, 6x25Fi, 6x29Fi, 6x26SW, 6x31WS, 6x36WS, 6x37S, 6x41WS, 6x49WS, 6x55WS, 8x19S/W, 8x25Fi
point contact wire rope6x19, 6x37
for boat loading and unloadinglinear contact lay wire rope6x24S/W, 6x19S/W, 6x25Fi, 6x29Fi, 6x31WS, 6x36WS, 6x37S
point contact wire rope6x19, 6x37

NANTONG LILI HARDWARE PRODUCTS CO.,LTD specialized production processing stainless steel wire, plastic coated stainless steel wire, stainless steel soft wire, stainless steel rope, smooth stainless steel wire rope products, such as bright surface, no burr, plastic bags, PVC, PE, PU, nylon) stainless steel wire rope, smooth, plastic coated color is complete, all sorts of color can be customized.Galvanized steel wire rope, non-magnetic stainless steel wire rope, clothes-horse stainless steel wire rope and all kinds of rigging, rigging supporting aluminum buckle, brass buckle, flower blue shackle and non-standard metal lathe parts spreader and other products.Level of hardness: soft rope, the rope hard;Specific material has galvanized, 0 cr18ni9 cr18ni12mozti (SUS304), 1 (SUS316) and 200 series and other special requirements of material.: stainless steel wire specification ] [ 0.3 mm to 24 mm.: stainless steel wire rope structure ]
[ single strands of rope (1 * 7, 1 * 12, 1 * 1 * 19, 37, etc.), cord (6 x 7, 7 * 7, 6 * 19, 19, 37, 6, 7 x 7 x w19, 6 x19 + IWRC, etc.The stainless steel wire rope features ] :1. High dimensional accuracy, can be up to + / - 0.01 mm;2. The surface quality is good, good brightness3. Have strong corrosion resistance, high tensile strength and fatigue strength;4. Stable chemical composition, steel purity, low inclusion content;Packing in good condition, price concessions;USES the high quality carbon structural steel, galvanized steel wire rope ] [ 60 #, 65 #, 70 #, etc., can be hot dip galvanized or electricity galvanized surface.[standards] : ASTM, JIS, DIN, GB, etc.: .Offers all kinds of steel wire rope products processing, sport equipment wire rope, elastic rope, cleaning equipment, baby stroller, such as the line of control, and lighting such as the suspension wire rope products;Sporting goods accessories: climbing gear rope cable. The cable car. Step machine running machine and other wire and cable. Medical equipment in the line of control, and related hardware, plastic parts. Plastic coated steel wire rope, brake wire, spring steel wire. Stainless steel wire, cable, wire, widely used in automobile, motorcycle, electric cars, baby stroller, medical bed, fitness equipment. Decorative lighting safety rope. Trailer rope, etc.Accessories with steel wire rope, grinding machine, stainless steel wire rope, fishing gear with the steel wire rope, engineering machinery with steel wire rope, automatic clothes-horse wire rope, furniture USES steel wire rope, fence, stainless steel wire rope, invisible defend the net with the steel wire rope, etc.Wire has good high temperature resistance, fatigue resistance, breaking force, long service life, durability and other characteristics, through various environmental test.Welcome new and old customers calls, letters, come to negotiate business, to visit guidance.And to establish various forms of cooperation relationship.

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